Our Grigio is, in a way, our favorite. It is also recognized by wine lovers, as well as the media that monitor our work. Here is the text that was published on the vino.rs portal

“The year behind us marked in its way wine Pinot Grigio 2021 from Winery Trivanović, from Šid.

Winning the prestigious Best Buy title in the category of white wines in 2022, this grigio was found in the focus of wine lovers who practically bought most of about 7,000 bottles as in the winery was made.

On the other hand, although it generally gives good results in Serbia, Pino Grigio, Pinot Gris or Gray Burgundy, as it is called here, is not a favorite variety in domestic winemakers and there are very few such wines.

Why it is like that we asked Ivan Trivanović, the author of the winning wine and the owner of the Winery from Šid.

– Honestly, if I were starting at this moment I would seriously think if I plant it. It is heavy in the vineyard, short pedicel and thin scarfskin, very tight grain on a cluster ideal for the development of botritis, so when it is a bad year you throw it immediately. And he is not handsome for the picking fingers because he’s hard. For a one third compared to other types it is the slowest of all for picking, which is really significant. Especially today when there is no workforce and when everything changes quite quickly. Just before the harvest is possible abruptly jump of sugar level for a whole percentage of alcohol in a day or two. ”

Pino Grigio (Gray Burgundy) is a specific variety in many ways. Along with that, there is very little PG in Serbia, but it is especially successful in Fruška Gora.

“Ivan explains that the varieties corresponds to the weather, moderate heat and especially after July 15, or from the beginning of July, there is no drop of the rain to the harvest or the last week of August when the year is early, what happened twice in the last 15 years, 2022 and 2018.

In the cellar the story is completely different. Ivan claims that if the Pino in the basement comes healthy no problem to (all singing) good and make it. Of course, when the year is worse and everything is weaker.

By the way, Pino Gridio was the first variety that Trivanovici planted 15 years ago at the 1,5 ha in Erdevik, in the position of Blaževac. This year, it will be planted more because demand is constantly good, it is exported to Montenegro, Germany, the Netherlands, and due to mechanical processing, damaged vines should be replaced during the year.

But how is this Pinot Grigio different from others from Serbia?

– The potential for this variety is large in Fruška Gora, presented that our PG in relation to the others picks significantly more minerals. All other parameters can shoot, both sugar, and alcohol, and acids, and aromas, will be difficult to reach – explains Ivan to be regularly on the top 50 Wines of Fruška Gora which is made every year within the Association of Winemakers Srem-Fruška Gora. ”

Different people are experiencing this wine, of course, in different ways. And so they accept it. Still, we in the winery, we think the PG deserves more attention and should be paired regularly with the appropriate food.

“He notes that the most common customer’s commentary is that PG is wine for the summer, but that it is not really the whole truth, but wine for all 12 months and should be connected to food and not with an annual age.

– Our Pinot is extremely structured and it is far from light wine for the summer. The fruity and strong body are a combination that everyone likes, especially with gastronomy. We have experimented because it has no strong acid to feel more structure, body, fruit aromas, and it expands opportunities, pork, something of the lamb, while the fish is really top combination either grilled or something more complicated.

For the best harvest of his PG, he is difficult to decide, but as a significant moment it means 2020.

– We had a change in the team 2018 when Tatjana Tanja Đurićić approached us as a technologist and the consultant. Wine produced from the harvest 2020. is probably the most favorite because we have worked a combination of a structural and one aromatic wine from Pinot grigio to eventually make something we want. This proved to be a winning combination and continue in the same direction. ”

Many think Barrique technology would be good for a PG. Our opinion is different …

“Trivanovic believes that Pinot would not like the wood, after all, the great winemaking masters do not see the reason why he would go to those water and out of the usual frameworks that meet the audience.

And when will Pinot Grigio go to the Premium Category?

– We’ll see, “Ivan says. – If the vintage of 2022, he bounced for quality perhaps satisfying. But there would certainly be a presentation of a different label, bottle, “changing jersey” as I call it.

There is more reason to enjoy this Best Buy wine while it is still in basic price class from 900 RSD! ”

PHOTO: Ivana Čutura