A family winery with tradition and excellent wines

Due to their natural geographical position, the vineyards of the Trivanović family produce grapes of excellent quality, and wines of even better quality, with a tradition of more than 60 years.

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In short


The sun-drenched slopes of Fruška Gora have given a kind of recognizable stamp in viticulture and winemaking since ancient times. Our beginning is connected to the distant year 1959 and a very modest half hectare of vineyard.


We produce high quality wines with the stamp of Fruška Gora recognized by wine lovers.


We will continue to try to produce only better and more beautiful wines, bringing family warmth and love into them. We will work on the solid foundations of the past and tradition, but with the application of the latest knowledge and modern technology.

Grapes and wine are our business

This is what we do best

Everything, of course, begins in the vineyard. Only hard work and knowledge lead to good wines!

Dragan Trivanović, founder

Our recommendation

Wines you should taste

Rose wine (12,5% alc, harvest 2021.)

LEX premium Rose 2021 is made of pure shiraz, gently colored, light pink, elegant and complex.


Raspberry first appears in the glass, followed by pomegranate, fresh watermelon, citrus, table fruit and spicy aromas of white pepper.


Rounded and full-flavored, with a backbone of firm but tamed acids and an intriguing herbal-citrus finish.

Location of the vineyard


Gastro recommendation

It goes perfectly with salmon tartare, but also nigiri sushi with salmon, and even with Philadephia rolls.

The first choice

Cocktail prawns, fresh grilled shrimp, mussels in tomato sauce or fresh pasta with seafood


This wine is also an excellent match for light meats, such as chicken prepared with Provençal spices or roast rabbit.


Recommended serving temperature: 9-11 °C

Red wine (14,0% alc, harvest 2018.)

Ruby red wine with violet tones


Very generous on the nose with varietal aromas of fresh cherry, cranberry and pomegranate, as well as a touch of violet, black pepper, fresh meat and roasted coffee.


Extremely harmonious structure, very reduced and in excellent balance. It offers a lot of fresh red fruit dominated by sour cherry and cranberry, followed by Szechuan pepper, anise and cloves, and dried oregano.

Location of the vineyard


Gastro recommendation

Medium grilled rump steak

The first choice

Serious food for serious wine: spicy lamb stew or lamb will be perfect.


It is an ideal companion to rich dark chocolate that contains a high percentage of cocoa.


Recommended serving temperature: 14-16 °C

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Come to the winery for a tasting

We welcome organized groups for tasting at the winery.

We offer the option of organizing TEAM BUILDING or Company retreat

If you decide to visit our winery, you can visit:

1. Gallery of paintings by Sava Šumanović
2. Privina Glava Monastery


The latest from the winery

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What wine lovers say about us

"When someone works for love, it comes back to him, and the Trivanovićs obviously returned it. Great wines, great people, but wine goes with their kulen, bacon and homemade sausage."
Vladimir Vukašinović
"And finally a local winery that offered us excellent quality at absolutely affordable prices. When you add to this a phenomenal label, the wines of this house become my first choice for almost any occasion!"
Jelena Pavlović
"Wonderful winery producing great wines with inspiring labels. Our expectations fulfilled enjoying Pinot Grigio, Italian Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon and other magnificent wines made by the Trivanovic family!"
Linda Go Good Wijn