Family winery with tradition

Vinarija TRIVANOVIĆ is a family winery from Fruška Gora in the Republic of Serbia, which has its roots in small amateur wine production started in 1959 for its own needs. Grandpa started and Dad continued the more or less traditional approach of making wines to his taste. Considering that new times create different tastes and thus approaches.

In the last few years, our family winery has been completely turning to the market and following trends with young forces in the winery, and the results are more than visible in the awards received at international wine competitions and the exponential growth of sales. At the same time, we have kept the seal of a family winery with the warmth of home in our wines, which is fantastically accepted among the wine audience.

Grašac, Pinot grigio, Shiraz, Cabernet sauvignon are some of our established wines from our own vineyards, which we work hard to make year after year special.

Vineyards and wines Trivanović