The Trivanović winery has long been known to the wine audience for its wines, with a special emphasis on Shiraz, Pinot Grigio and Grašac. Devoted to their vineyards in the western part of Fruška Gora, they progressed slowly, raising the bar of quality and stylistically defining their wines, and in the last few years they began to develop with giant steps. Wine house Trivanović today is an example of how to properly define the style and identity of a winery. Their portfolio from a few years ago was also enriched with rosé of a unique style and expression, created from 100% shiraz.

Moderately colored, light pink in color, this wine confirms expectations with its aroma, bringing elegance and complexity. An abundance of red fruit awaits you in the glass, from raspberry to strawberry, followed by pomegranate, fresh watermelon, then some red grapefruit and a nice, tickling spicy touch in the background. Structured and supple, with a backbone of firm but tamed acids and an intriguing herbal-citrus finish. Shiraz is often used to make rosés that are stylistically completely different, deeply colored, ripe and sweet fruit bombs. At the Trivanović winery, they did not fall into that trap, placing their wine in the family of serious, complex and elegant rosés, and in 2022 they made the best version so far!

Source: Vino&Fino