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a. Tasting 3 wines (Pinot grigio, LEX Rose, Cabernet sauvignon) + tasting plate (ham, bacon, hard-boiled eggs, cheese and bread) 750rsd / person or

b. Tasting 5 wines (Optimus, Pinot grigio, LEX Rose, Chardonnay barik i Shiraz reserve) + tasting plate (curd – pepperoni, ham, sausage, bacon, hard-boiled eggs, cheese and bread) 1.450rsd / person

c. Tasting 1 – 2 wines optional with lunch (old rooster stew, beef stew or wild boar stew, all from the kettle with bread and cabbage salad) 1.300rsd / person with at least 10 persons

If you decide to visit our winery, you can visit:

1. Sava Šumanović gallery
2. Privina glava monastery

We offer the option of organizing TEAM BUILDING or Company retreat