Our work was regularly followed by several media that deal with wine business. The Vino.rs portal wrote about us, and about this year’s harvest. The harvest we managed to “work out” despite incredibly difficult conditions and a very strange vineyard season.
“The results of the ungrateful harvest was announced in the Trivanović Winery by celebration and synergies of wine and pork Srem, as this wine region is popular, where their magic delicatessen are served with premium wines.
This year, only about 25,000 liters of wine will enter the tanks of the Fruška Gora winery from Šid, and only three labels: grašac Optimus, the winner of the gold medal from the Wine Vision 2022 evaluation, Pinot Grigio, both wines labeled TOP 50 best wines of Fruška Gora 2022, and rosé from the Shiraz variety, Lex, heir to the best rosé of Serbia in 2021.
We celebrated the 2022 harvest, the second worst year after, on a global level, the famously bad 2014 – says with a smile Ivan Trivanović, owner of the winery, surrounded by friends from the wine world, distributors, wine shop owners. – The season barely got away, although that doesn’t interest the people who read, but they are interested in something beautiful. And that is what we have done, it will be good. What we didn’t do, we didn’t do, and wine lovers who know the Trivanović winery know that we either do it right, or we don’t do it at all.”
All our wines that we presented this occasion are extremely well accepted, and especially Lex Rose:
“And while we enjoyed the premium magnum labels, the Chardonnay Barrique 2019 wines of great freshness and nice balance, the greenish Sauvignon Blanc Barrique 2019 to which the wood added wonderful nutty notes and which is still waiting for its label, and the reserves, the Shiraz 2017 whose every sip confirms the gold medal with AWC ratings and extremely gastro-friendly Cabernet Sauvignon 2017, silver from the same, the world’s biggest competition in 2021, the pink Lex 2021 told everyone its serious, dense, complex and yet delicious salmon-colored story.”
We also talked about competitions and whether wines from such harvest should be sent to such evaluations.
“Wanting to find out why the winemaker places the vintage high on the list of worst and what quality the wines from it will be, we ask him if this year’s wines will be sent to international competitions?
– I will, why not? Simply, the year was upside down, drought when it shouldn’t, rain when it shouldn’t. And there is no further. The grapes for red wines have not even matured technologically and are only excellent for rosé. So we are expecting Fruška Gora in pink, and there will be as much pink as we need. However, selective harvesting and other things were done, so all our wines will be of top quality. Let’s say the pink Lex from the 2021 vintage, which we are drinking tonight, people liked it so much and it is being bought so much that it has already simply “blown off” the shelves, and we put it on the market just a month and a half ago, in the middle of summer.
Along with jazz and blues, snacks and wine crowned the gathering, which was postponed for two years due to the corona pandemic, so now it was “under obligation”, explains the winemaker. And why such a choice of music when we were still expecting tambura players in Srem?
– The choice of music is ideal for saying goodbye to such a bad vintage, as if we were in New Orleans. – laughs Trivanović as he toasts the crowd. – The right time for jazz and blues. I’m kidding, I wanted to move from the classical framework of musical determination for such celebrations, and somewhat for selfish, personal reasons, because I adore those directions in music. “
We were comfortable with this gathering. We also hope for people from the media and those who follow us for season to season. We move on with the expectation of much better harvests and even better wines.