All what you ordered you will pay, for the moment, when taking delivery of the goods. If you want to pay using bank account of your company, write to us when ordering and we will send a pro forma invoice. In this case, the order will be delivered after receipt of payment.

Goods wiil be sent by courier and transportation costs will be payed by the customer, according to the current price list of courier services. In some cases transport goes using our vans, or you can personally take the goods (our warehouses in Belgrade and Šid – leave a note when you order if you want to). In most cases, the deadline for delivery is 3 to 4 days. In case that the goods are not received in the normal deadline, please let us know by telephone or e-mail message, in order to solve the problem.

All prices in our online catalog are stated inclusive of VAT. To the price of goods displayed in our online catalog is added only the cost of transport, and it is stated separately in the statement that you see when ordering. In the event that the goods are personally taken in our stores (warehouses are located in Belgrade and Sid), there will be no transport costs.

We are still not able to deliver the ordered goods outside Serbia. The reason for this decision lies in the fact that different countries have different regulations on the importation of alcoholic beverages. Also, transportation costs are, considering the price and the method of packaging products we offer, too high in the case of transport outside Serbia. Please have understanding for this.