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LEX rose

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Rose wine (13,0% alc, vintage 2020)

LEX Rose 2020 is made of pure shiraz, gently colored, light pink, elegant and complex. Raspberries appear in the glass first, followed by pomegranate, fresh watermelon, citrus, table fruit and spicy aromas of white pepper. Rounded and full of taste, with a spine of firm but tamed acids and an intriguing herbal-citrus finish.

Position: Babinac

Food recommendation: It goes perfectly with salmon tartare, but also nigiri sushi with salmon, and even with Philadephia rolls. As a first choice, there are cocktail shrimps, fresh shrimp from the grill, mussels in buzara with tomatoes or fresh pasta with seafood. This wine is a great pair for light meats, such as chicken prepared with Provencal spices or larded rabbit.

To be served at 9-11°C

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